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Little thesis Volume 2, Issue 1 Launch Party

Little thesis v2i1SAVE THE DATE!

March 3, 2011 Launch Party

A Launch Party for both Little thesis and Thresholds 38 edited by Orkan Telhan will be held at MIT on March 3rd. More details to come.

Little thesis featured in “Newsstand” @ pinkcomma gallery

Little thesis @ pinkcomma

Celebrate pinkcomma gallery’s relocation to 46 Waltham Street at our inaugural opening in the new studio. The event, “Newsstand,” will present a collection of architecture and design-related broadsheets, newsprints, and ephemera.

Please join us on November 19, 2010, 6:30 – 9:30 pm

“Newsstand” is the third in a series of exhibitions on contemporary architectural publishing. Following on “A Few Zines” (related to design zines and magazines) and “Publishing Practices” (on the influence of architecture books), “Newsstand” examines another print medium: the newspaper. Inexpensive printing, rapid dissemination, and expanded dimensions make the newspaper a topical platform for architecture and design discourse—even in an increasingly digital world. In order to investigate the motivations behind this tendency, the exhibit presents imaginative examples of the genre from the past several years.

Thesis Mid-Review Photos

THESIS 2010 is on!

This year’s thesis students are already shaping up to be an exciting group to watch. Wondering what Thesis looks like at MIT? Check out these images from first reviews a few weeks ago. Mid-reviews and interviews coming soon…


We are happy to announce that Little-thesis_Volume-1_Issue-2 is now available as a pdf for download.

Little thesis will also be appearing on more bookshelves this Fall – stay tuned for more!

Little thesis Volume 1, Issue 2: Distribution starts!

We’ve started distribution of Little thesis #2.  Watch out for it in your local bookstores, architecture schools, and galleries.  If you’ve contributed to this issue, you will be getting your own copy via post or personalized delivery.

If you’d like a copy, or would like to see Little thesis distributed somewhere, please email us at littlethesis@gmail.com!

Some distribution pics so far:


Launch Party Pics

Thanks to everyone for making the launch party a success!  We hope you were able to come out and have some fun, and of course, pick up your own copy of Little thesis #2.

launch party panoramalaunch party 1launch party 2

Little thesis Volume 1, Issue 2: Launch Party!

We are having a launch party for Little thesis #2!

Adventures Outside Studio
The Architecture Student Council, in association with Little t,
the Department of Architecture and the School of Architecture and Planning,
invite you to an event to showcase projects from
the MIT+SCU IAP Taipei Workshop,
celebrate the showCASE competition and
introduce a new Little t: Little thesis, Volume 1, Issue 2.

Friday May 14th
Room 3-412, New Gallery Space
dinner! drinks! music!


Little thesis Volume 1, Issue 2: Press Check

On May 5, Morgan and Minerva (from PSB) went to Saltus Press in Worcester to check out the printing presses.  We got a very thorough tour from one of the pressmen.  The scale of operation is impressive!

Check out the full set of Press Check photos (and videos) on Flickr!

Quick preview here:

hot off the presses!

Little thesis Presents:

Outside Reader Lecture Mini-Series
Friday 11/20/09 12:00-1:00PM
AVT, 7-431

After checking out the MArch thesis Penultimate Reviews in and around AVT, join us for 2 short lectures from visiting Readers!

Stacey Murphy
BK Farmyards

An architect and urban farmer, Stacey Murphy founded the decentralized farming network BK Farmyards in the Summer of 2009 in Brooklyn, NY. The network provides local food to reduce the city’s reliance on fossil fuels and offers local jobs to boost the economy. BK Farmyards seeks partnerships with developers willing to temporarily transform their idle land to farmyard; homeowners who want to eat from their own yard; and city agencies holding under-utilized land. This work is part of the growing movement in Brooklyn and across the US to transform the urban foodscape.

Cynthia Brooks
Greenfield Environmental Trust Group

Cynthia N. Brooks is the President of the Greenfield Environmental Trust Group, Inc. (GETG) and President of Resources for Responsible Site Management, Inc. (RRSM), Trustee for the Industri-plex Superfund Site Custodial Trust. GETG is an award-winning, business enterprise that provides real estate and brownfields consulting services, including aligning key stakeholder interests on property use, disposition, and redevelopment nationwide.